Keep government fair, responsive and transparent
Preserve and enhance public health and safety
Plan for the long-term, including infrastructure, water resources, & financial stability

1. Accessibility & Transparency

  • open public comment at county Board meetings
  • improve County technology to increase accessibility and accountability
  • store recordings of County meetings online
  • develop County technology committee that will monitor and plan for upgrades and techconcerns, including use of old/unsupported technology, cybersecurity, website, etc. across all departments and facilities

2. Economic Development

  • eliminate redundancy in development funds spent by the County
  • back IT department in technology improvements to better indicate attractiveness to tech and other business considering Saratoga County
  • support development of relationship between City and County water authorities
  • supporting legislation for the legalization of adult-use marijuana that would allow businesses to develop in our communities, allow farmers to use additional cash crops, and receive revenue from taxes
  • advocate for increased bus service throughout the county

3. Resiliency

  • head County-wide effort to engage in climate mitigation plan, which will consider the potential impact of extreme weather, climate refugees, and moving
  • drive climate change response at the County level, including additional services at wastewater and biosolids facilities such as bio char
  • legislation supporting environmentally friendly actions at the county such as minimization of paper, efficient use of technology, thoughtful purchase and replacement of County vehicles, and materials used for building/maintaining County roads and facilities

4. Health Services

  • turn Public Health Department into a full department with environmental services
  • work with CDTA and other organizations to ensure transportation for all needing services to the new public health building, which is not on an existing bus line
  • find and support funding a permanent location for Code Blue, with a focus on a facility with the capacity to develop into a full mission-style location with access to services
  • support Housing First policies through DSS

A few items I have worked on:

  • Worked for increased county-to-city communications, including the online presence of the Board of Supervisors, to make it easier to residents to know what is going on and how it might impact them.
  • Pushed for the nomination of a second representative on the Capital District Transportation Authority, a position which had been empty for many years.
  • Maintained an open line to the residents of Saratoga Springs, including holding regular “office hours” around the city.
  • Reviewed existing agreements regarding public safety, water, sewer, public health, and emergency management, and push for any required modifications to make certain that residents are protected in the event of a crisis – whether natural or man-made.
  • Collaborated with industry, economic development groups, environmental groups, and planning experts, along with city government, to see where the county can assist in the growth of Saratoga Springs.
  • Provided a unique perspective to the Board of Supervisors, based on experiences under a number of forms of government and urban planning.
  • Prepared the county for changes in state law, including regarding early voting and the legalization of marijuana.

As a part of my representation of Saratoga Springs and Saratoga County, I sit on the following committees:

New York Association of Counties (NYSAC)

Agriculture and Rural Affairs Standing Committee
Public Health & Mental Health Standing Committee
Women’s Leadership Council
– Climate Resiliency Committee

National Association of Counties (NACo)

Environment, Energy, and Land Use Standing Committee (Vice-Chair of the Energy Sub-Committee)
Veteran and Military Services Committee
Resilient Counties Advisory Board

Additionally, I currently serve as Secretary of the National Democratic County Officials.

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