Keep government fair, responsive and transparent

The residents of Saratoga Springs should know what is taking place at the county level, and how it might impact their lives in the city. First and foremost, it is my goal to give maintain an open line and complete transparency. Some are not aware of the impact the Board of Supervisors decisions may have on their daily lives – from growth and infrastructure, to public health. I want to make sure no resident lacks the information they need to make informed decisions about their elected officials, and that all residents are able see what I am doing to represent and advocate for them.

Plan for the long-term: infrastructure, water resources and financial stability

With a city growing as quickly as Saratoga Springs, and with significant economic and cultural impact on the county, we must consider the city’s Comprehensive Plan and see where county resources can or should support growth and development. The history of Saratoga Springs means that infrastructure requires constant monitoring, and a problem should be corrected before it become a crisis. As we have seen around the country, and closer to home in Hoosick Falls, water is life – we must ensure clean, safe water for residents, even in the event of a crisis, which may include developing or modifying agreements with the county and other municipalities.

Preserve and enhance public health and safety

With growth in Saratoga Springs comes increased concerns about public health and safety, and the county has a large impact on these areas. It is imperative to plan ahead, and I believe the Board of Supervisors has been working to stay on top of these concerns. I would continue to work for the residents of Saratoga Springs, making certain that changes in these services do not have a negative impact on us. I particularly want to make sure that Saratoga Springs residents have reliable and timely access to public health and social programs that keep our city healthy.

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A few items I am working on:

  • Working for increased county-to-city communications, including the online presence of the Board of Supervisors, to make it easier to residents to know what is going on and how it might impact them.
  • Maintaining an open line to the residents of Saratoga Springs, including holding regular “office hours” around the city. In 2018 I held 6 public forums, and attended a number of other forums to hear resident concerns.
  • Reviewing existing agreements regarding public safety, water, sewer, public health, and emergency management, and push for any required modifications to make certain that residents are protected in the event of a crisis – whether natural or man-made.
  • Collaborating with industry, economic development groups, environmental groups, and planning experts, along with city government, to see where the county can assist in the growth of Saratoga Springs.
  • Providing a unique perspective to the Board of Supervisors, based on experiences under a number of forms of government and urban planning.
  • Making certain that the county is prepared for changes in state law, including regarding early voting and the legalization of marijuana.
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